Holy Matrimony

Holy Matrimony

Marriage in the Church is covenant, not contract.  In a contract one exchanges one thing for another at an agreed upon time, place and price.  Contracts are meant to protect each party from being taken advantage of; a 50/50 giving. 

A Covenant, on the other hand, is the complete giving of self, modeled after the Covenant of God with the Hebrews: "You will be my people and I will be your God" (Jeremiah 30:22).  Just as God gives Himself fully, the couple give themselves fully to each other; it is a 100/100 giving which would be impossible except that God Himself gives us the strength to make it happen.

Catholics believe that marriage comes as a gift from the hand of God. The Catholic vision of marriage is rooted in Sacred Scripture and is expressed in the teachings and practices of the Church. It has these main elements:

  • Marriage unites a couple in faithful and mutual love
  • Marriage opens a couple to giving life
  • Marriage is a way to respond to God’s call to holiness
  • Marriage calls the couple to be a sign of Christ’s love in the world

How do we get started?

Call the parish office and ask to speak with our Pastor, Father Charles.  He will schedule an appointment with you and discuss the process of preparing you for marriage.  Remember that your wedding is just one day, while marriage is for life.


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Couples seeking marriage must attend a Pre-Cana or Engaged Encounter program as part of their Marriage Preparation.  Copy and paste this URL into your browser for more information: www.familylifenm.org




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