Family Intergenerational Religious Education

Family Faith Formation has been a part of Risen Savior for over a decade!  Through the family-centered FIRE program, parents and children of all ages learn and grow in our faith in the same classroom, at the same time.

Once a month, registered families meet in the Marian Center to share a potluck meal and participate in large and small group activities.  All ages participate in learning experiences together that are interactive and concept-based.  Everyone participates at their own developmental level, and learning occurs through role play, dialogue, creative experiences, scripture and doctrine. Class lessons continue at home in a manner that connects faith with everyday life.  Lessons are completed at home and reviewed during the following meeting.  The curriculum gives children a tangible experience of being church, while equipping older students and adults with the theology and history of our faith.  In addition, we use age-specific, liturgy-based materials to introduce children to the catechism of our faith and connect with the weekly Mass.

Our 2015-16 year begins September 20 with monthly meetings through May.  It is a great time to join Family Faith Formation!  The deadline for registration is August 1, 2016.  We look forward to welcoming you to our Family Faith Formation community!




For more information please contact Susan Velazquez, F.I.R.E. Facilitator at velazquez3@aol.com,

or Mary Parker at 821-1571, ext. 112.


Every family must submit an Archdiocesan Permission Slip. It can be downloaded here and brought to the parish office. (requires Adobe Reader available here). 




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